Our Story

We design, create, dehydrate and photograph in-house with an ambience of love in our studio here in Sydney, Australia. We are a team of two, a girlfriend and boyfriend partnership with different backgrounds of education and jobs in the Design and Logistics Industry. With our combined knowledge, experiences and our mutual strive to create a positive impact on wellbeing, we have founded Le Marz Fragrances.
The name 'Le Marz' Is a combination of both our surnames with 'Marz' being an abbreviation of 'Marzukie'. 
We hand pour and handcraft in small batches to ensure each and every product is of the highest quality. It is with our absolute passion of creating home fragrances and our strive to encourage more me-time moments, meets the aesthetics of botanical enhancers that has formed the foundation of Le Marz Fragrances. 
Fill your days with love, balance, positivity and gratitude and remember the importance of self love and care with Le Marz Fragrances.
Thank you for taking the time in getting to know a little bit about us! We hope you will enjoy our home fragrance products as much as we love creating it for you.
Le Marz Fragrances.